Menu of the day 

Monday through Friday from noon 

Menu for the whole table 

22 € (VAT included) 


First choice 

Mushroom salad with crunchy Iberian and Parmesan

Warm salad of baby eels, shrimp and wild mushrooms

Salad of the day **

Potato millefeuille and octopus with paprika cream

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, peppers and potatoes **

Fideuá seafood (soupy) **

Vegetable of the day **

Pasta of the day *

 Second choice

Rice with cod and peppers

Dry rice with chicken and vegetables

Mushroom risotto, duck and Parmesan

Grilled squid with potatoes and "ajilimójili"

Fried cod with green peppers and cebollica

Fish of the day **

Iberian pig pen, mountain mushrooms and creamed potatoes

Stewed cheek to Navarra red wine and crisps

Confit of duck with port sauce and bakers


Dessert of the day **

Homemade curd

Tiramisu of the house *

Fruit of the day

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate

Skewer fruit with yogurt sauce to blossom 

Includes: Bread, appetizer, house wine and water 


* Not suitable for coeliacs 


**Suitable for coeliacs when modified